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Double click on a animal and then scroll down to the creation board. Below the creation board are all the clothing and accessories that you can use. Double click on any of the items you would like to use. They will automatically be sent to your creation board. Then you can move it around and place it on the animal.

If you right click on an cat or accessory, you have the option to delete it or move it to the top. This is helpful if one of your accessories is underneath the animal.

Clicking and dragging the scroll bar up or down doesn't always work, so I added "back to creation board" links to make it easier to move around the site. You can also use the scroll wheel on your mouse or hit the up and down arrow keys on your keyboard.

1. Quick Links

Click on these links to take you to the section with those accessories. This was added to make it easier since the scroll bar doesn't always work.

2. Creation Board

This Box is the creation board. You need to keep all items inside the box, or else it will get cut off when you hit the Save & Download button. If you would like to make multiple animals at once, and not worry about the creation board, click here.

3. Save to Computer

Clicking the Save & Download button will make a new window pop up with your animal. You then have the option to save, print, or close the page. The animal will save with a with a white background by default, unless you change it.

4. Change Color

To change the color of the background of the creation board, click the color button and then choose what color you would like.

Alternate Way to Save

  1. Create your animals on the Creation Board or to the left and right of it
  2. Click the "print screen" key beside F12
  3. Open Paint or Photoshop
  4. Click edit and then paste or hit ctrl + v
  5. Make any changes, such as cropping to get rid of words, or adding your own text/drawings
  6. Click File then Save As
  7. Choose where you want to save at and click "Save"