Print Media

Chocal Package Design

Project Name: Chocal Package Design
Links: Package Design, Photo of Package
Description: As an assignment for my advanced graphic design class, I created a package for Chocal, a made up brand of chocolate. After designing the package, I had a photo shoot of my product. Created in Illustrator.

Chopstick Cafe

Project Name: Chopstick Cafe
Links: Menu - Outside, Menu - Inside, Business Card, Letterhead, Envelope
Description: I redesigned the look and feel of a local Chinese restaurant for an assignment in my advance graphic design class. Created in Illustrator, and photo edited with Photoshop.


Project Name: Squisitos
Links: Business Card, Letterhead, Envelope
Description: Squisitos is a made up Italian restaurant. All components of the project were designed to compliment the pasta-like logo. Created in Illustrator.

Visiting Author Series

Project Name: Visiting Author Series
Links: Poster
Description: This poster was created for the Bellon Visiting Author Series in 2009. The author was Baba Wagué Diakité, a successful African storyteller and artist. Created in Illustrator.

BPA Newsletter

Project Name: BPA Newsletter
Links: Newsletter
Description: We had to create a newsletter for my beginning graphic design class on a topic of our choice. Created in InDesign, and photos edited with Photoshop.